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Sweet Dreams at the Beach
Baker by day. Mysterious singer by night.

Diana Abbot thinks she’s finally found a home. After the death of her grandmother, she’s accepted a bakery position at her uncle’s small shop in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The small town feel is just what she needs. In addition to seeing a tall, handsome customer three times a week who makes her heart flutter.

But everything changes when her uncle announces he’s selling the business and moving to the Keys. Leaving Diana with no other option but to go with him. Her happy life at Cocoa Beach may be ending.

Until she hears of a talent contest with a large cash prize. If she can win, maybe she can stay and make her own way. But how can the shy Diana stand in front of an audience and sing? There just might be a way.

Even with his concern over his widowed mother, his busted engagement, and his dreams put on hold, Nate Murphy loves living in Cocoa Beach and working in his family's construction company. Not to mention his visits to the little bakery with the cute baker that cooks like a dream.

When the grouchy bakery owner needs renovations, Nate is all too willing to spend more time at the shop, getting to know the shy Diana. No way would she lie to him like his ex.

Then he meets a beautiful singer wearing a mask. The woman’s voice stirs him and he desperately wants to get to know her. All of a sudden, he finds himself interested in two women. Not good.

Meanwhile, someone wants Diana’s grandmother’s broach and they’ll go to any means to get it.

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