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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for everyone in Charity except Grace Hudson. She associates Christmas with bad memories and is determined to be immune from the cheerful holiday. All she really wants is to sell the diner that she inherited and move far away. Award-winning photographer Stuart “Mac” McCrae needs to get that one perfect picture before heading south for the holidays. The only thing holding him back is the small, undecorated diner that sits in the middle of the beautiful main street of Charity.


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Assistant director Josh Butler and his temporary aide Sunny Whittaker must control a bunch of child actors on the set of the popular show Castle Clubhouse. It’s a fulltime job and neither has time for the attraction they’re feeling for each other, especially since the kids need their help. A clean, wholesome romance set in the Hollywood we all wish existed.

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Journey back to a small town at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains to witness the beginning of a Godly family legacy. Dora Peterson dreams of one day marrying and establishing a Christian home. However, the man her heart is drawn to is Ed Tyler, an aloof man from the hills. Born in shame, Ed has never felt the need for religion. When he’s kicked out of his home, he turns to Lionel Peterson, who takes him in. When a new scandal develops involving Ed’s father and threatening his developing faith and his relationship with Dora, it will take a miracle to show Ed and Dora that some promises are worth making and that God’s promises are worth believing.


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