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Until Christmas
An Inspirational Christmas Romance

What does love ask of Daniel Walker? You may be surprised.

From the author of Sleep in Heavenly Peace Inn.


To attain the senior pastor position of a prominent Manhattan church, Daniel will do anything. Even spend four months shepherding the flock of a small church tucked high in the Tennessee mountains. It’s a good experience that will make him a better pastor.

Or so he thinks. 

Doctor Clara Harper is suspicious of the new preacher who has come to her town. Why would a pastor from a big church in the city take the job of leading the tiny congregation in their one-street town? She’s going to watch him and make sure nobody gets their heart broken.

Or so she thinks.

Daniel is amazed at the dramas going on in the little town and their need of a dedicated pastor. Instantly he finds himself getting involved. Especially with the pretty, young doctor with the sadness behind her eyes.

But he’s only there until Christmas and although he wants to do a good job, he just can’t fall in love with the town, the mountains. Or Clara. 

Will he do more harm than good?


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