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The Gift
Book 14 in the Tyler Family Legacy Series

God gives many gifts. Some He nurtures, some He takes away. Do we trust Him with both?

A heartwarming story of faith and family. You’ll love the Tylers!


Elizabeth Paige Tyler is settling with her husband and children in the hills of Tennessee. It’s a long way from her apartment in Manhattan and the dazzling life she’s used to. When she’s offered a plum role on Broadway, she realizes her family has no intention of following her. 

But God has something better in store for her. 

Mary and Hank Donahue are having troubles. Their oldest daughter Abigail has decided she doesn’t like the family rules and is rebelling, causing tension between her parents. And with Hank’s new found mission to those struggling with addiction, Mary feels she’s parenting alone. When Abigail runs away, both Mary and Hank have to evaluate their own lives.

But God has something better in store for them. 

Dora is having problems with her hands, not good for a woman who spends her days creating beautiful handmade crafts. She’ll reluctantly consult a doctor, but no one is going to tell her that her days of working with her hands are gone.

But . . .

Does God really have something better? Will the Tylers learn to take their gifts to the Lord, no matter what He decides to do with them?

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