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Family Holidays
Book 12 of the Tyler Family Legacy

Two humorous and heartwarming stories about holidays spent together with the family . . . and surviving!

The Holidays
Pastor Hank Donahue has had enough of Christmas, and it’s only the beginning of December. This year with all his obligations—leader of a growing church, headmaster of the church’s school, writer, husband, father, son, son-in-law, brother, brother-in-law—he may actually turn into a modern-day Scrooge.

It’s humiliating to think that a man who has given his life to the service of God and others could feel this way, but really, how much responsibility is one man suppose to take on? If he can just get through the next month, things will loosen up and he’ll get his life back.

Can the true spirit of Christmas capture this overworked pastor and teach him an important lesson about the holidays?

The Cruise
The Tyler family goes on a Mediterranean cruise together, leaving behind all their daily worries and work.

Or so they think. Each Tyler sibling has a struggle that not even the beauty of Europe can conquer.

David has just finished a massive, two-continent tour but can’t relax. Mary, who now has been on the church staff as a counselor for a year, can’t put away her clients’ struggles. Tommy and BJ can’t let go of their businesses. And Becca can’t deal with her one year old’s separation anxiety.

They’ve got eleven days to find out how to achieve real rest that only comes from God.

Part of the Tyler Family Legacy Series, a Christian Fiction series from Amazon bestselling author Malinda Martin. Check out other titles in the series:

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