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Reporting From Paradise
Book 10 in the Castle Clubhouse Romance Series


A workaholic journalist and a laid-back surfer. Join them on an incredible journey through Hawaii.

Reporter Jamie Brogan is on a mission to find her old mentor, Bill Whittaker. But standing in her way is the man’s son, an irritating surfer who conducts extreme sports tours through the Hawaiian Islands. In order to get the whereabouts of Bill, she’ll have to complete the sports tour to prove that she’s trustworthy to the overprotective son. It will test everything inside her, but for the opportunity to speak with Bill, she’ll do it, or die trying. And even if Aaron is attractive, in a rough sort of way, she will not be distracted.

Aaron Whittaker can’t believe they sent Jamie Brogan to find her father. The woman just will not give up. But there’s no way he’s going to give her any information on Bill. Aaron has made enough mistakes dealing with his father and telling a reporter all about the current Bill Whittaker would be a big one. However, there’s no reason he can’t keep the cute, ambitious Jamie around for laughs. Seeing her complete the activities will provide him with plenty.

Enjoy this sweet romance, Book 10 in the Castle Clubhouse Romance Series.

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