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Sew Right For Me
Castle Clubhouse Book 9


Celebrity and single mother Mandy Summers is running from the law. 
Can a handsome school principal help her find the answers she needs, as well as the home she’s always wanted? 

Amanda Bishop’s childhood consisted of glittering costumes and accolades from adoring fans. Even with a dismal homelife, her refuge was her Castle Clubhouse family.

But times have changed.

She’s now a single mother, running from the mess she’s made of her life. But she has her two precious daughters and her sewing. And she may have finally found a home in Cocoa Beach, and with her oldest child starting kindergarten, she hopes she can settle down without anyone suspecting she is Mandy Summers, the missing actress from the Castle Clubhouse television show.

When her landlord serves her with an eviction, she has to scramble to find another apartment she can afford. It’s hopeless until she learns the school principal has a garage apartment sitting empty. Could it be her answer?

Ryan Walsh never expected to be the principal of an elementary school. But because of a betrayal at his previous school, he’s decided to work his way back up to a county position, where he won’t have to deal with the media, fellow teachers, parents, and students. Until that time, he’ll just do his job, living with his dog, without distractions.

Until a pretty dark-haired woman with two adorable little girls needs his help. Can he put his past behind him to take a chance or will he be betrayed again?

Ryan and Amanda feel a connection, but neither are at a place in life to begin a relationship, with Ryan working on a job transfer and Amanda hiding from her past.

Not to mention, she's being harassed by an unknown assailant.

Book 9 in the Castle Clubhouse Romance Series.

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Sew Right For Me

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