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Cinnamon Tea & Matchmaking Angels
Book 2 in the Matchmaking Angels Series


Angels Maddie and Noah must help a couple destined to be together in this modern day retelling of Snow White.

Johanna White, a poor circus acrobat, travels to London, the city of her birth and the last place she ever saw her father. Being back in town, she decides it’s time to find the man that believes she died as a child. But it won’t be easy. With her responsibilities at the circus, she’ll have very little time for the search. Until she meets Matthew Prince, a banker who wants to be a part of the circus. She’s suspicious of the handsome man, but if it frees up her time, it may be a blessing in disguise.

Groomed to take over his family’s massive bank, Matthew is frustrated with his life. His ideas are ignored by his father and he feels he isn’t taken seriously in his position. Is there more to life than this? Meeting Johanna and visiting the circus, he decides to take some time exploring a totally different world. So, he agrees to be Johanna’s assistant for the month that the circus is in town.

As Johanna struggles to find her father, Matthew offers to help with the search, using his unlimited contacts. But time is running out and other forces are fighting to keep Johanna from discovering the identify of her father, falling in love with Matthew, and having her happily ever after.

A sweet, inspirational romance to brighten your day. Get your copy now!

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