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The Healing
Book 10 in the Tyler Family Legacy Series


Becca Tyler, the youngest of the Tyler siblings, has always wanted to find her Prince Charming. When she finally finds a man that completely interests her, she realizes “happily ever after” isn’t always easy to accomplish. Why did she have to fall for a man in need of serious healing before he’d be able to return her love?

During a stay in New York, Becca enjoys watching her brother and sister-in-law’s Broadway show from backstage. One of the performers catches her eye, and even though he is brilliant onstage, the man has the saddest eyes she’s ever seen. She can’t help wanting to meet him, maybe try to make him smile.

He’s been a performer for years. Ever since he’d made his foster families laugh at his jokes. Through the years he’s been successful, acting on soap operas, singing on Broadway, and headlining in Las Vegas. After barely surviving a devastating car accident, Michael Bentley is back in New York with a damaged leg and a brooding disposition.

When his friend Elizabeth Paige offers him an important audition opportunity, he knows he has a lot of work to do on his leg and attitude. But nothing can touch the deep hurt of his soul.

Until he meets a pretty young woman from Tennessee who touches his hardened heart. Could the secret behind her joy and peace be something that could finally heal him?

The Tyler Family Legacy is a Christian fiction series about living the Christian life and passing that heritage on to others. The Healingis the 10thbook in the series. Get your copy today! 


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