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The Second Chance
Tyler Family Legacy Book Nine


The Tylers are in need of a second chance in this inspirational Christian romance, the ninth book of the series.

Now that his job as tour manager for his brother is over, BJ Tyler doesn't know what to do with his life. He'd like to settle in New York, but what would he do? In addition, his ex-girlfriend, performer Lucy Cummings, lives there, and is good friends with his new sister-in-law. Which means he’d be running into her constantly.

Lucy is working hard for her big chance on Broadway, and she loves it. Along with her vocation, she has a good church and loving friends, including  television star Elizabeth Paige. Her life would probably be perfect if BJ Tyler would decide to settle back home in Tennessee, far away from her and the hurt of their breakup.

Popular singer David Tyler and his wife Elizabeth Paige are finally together. After their wedding seven months ago, they had only a month before professional commitments sent them in different directions. Now, both in New York, they'll have to adjust to marriage and living together, quirks and all.

As Dora Tyler prays for her family from her home in Tennessee, God places a new burden on her heart—the lost that He places in her vicinity. But despite the fact that she’s been a Christian most of her life, she feels incompetent in sharing her faith. Until her pastor/son-in-law offers an opportunity.

If you’re in the mood for uplifting, humorous and heartwarming Christian fiction, this is for you. Order your copy of The Second Chancetoday!


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