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Carol Of The Bells (Christmas In Charity Book 4)
by Malinda Martin

All Carol Baker wants for Christmas is the courage to speak to Dr. Bradley Moore, Charity’s own prominent scientist and professor, and the man she’s secretly in love with. When an opportunity at her school gives her a reason to approach him, she wonders if this Christmas she’ll finally conquer the fear that has plagued her since she was a teenager. If Brad is half the man she thinks, he’ll at least give her a chance.

Brad Moore is busier that he ever thought possible. With the success of a research paper, he’s now the king of the science world and darling of the media. In addition to teaching his classes and caring for his sick mother. When the shy, attractive kindergarten teacher he’s seen around town approaches him with a request, he’s touched. And will do anything he can to help her.

But as the two get to know each other, the forces pushing Brad to the top are also shoving Carol to the ground and deep-seated fears and doubt will have to be dealt with before either can truly experience the joy the season.

Everyone’s back—Grace, Mac, Holly, and Big Jed—to get you believing in the healing power of Christmas.

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