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Goode Tidings (Book 6 of the Christmas in Charity Series)


A cynical reporter needs the help of an optimistic baker to ease the reunion with her mother during the holidays.

Take a trip to small town America for another sweet holiday romance in Charity, Florida.

Journalist Jill Goode is on assignment for the holidays, a job that could save her position with the magazine that employs her. That the job happens to be in the small town her remarried mother has moved to is a happy coincidence. Or bad luck. It means she has to spend time with the man that replaced her father. The stress of the situation is causing her trouble with her work. Unless she can get the handsome man she met on the plane ride down to help her.

Andrew Montgomery hasn’t been home for a Charity Christmas in years and he can’t wait. Even though he loves his job as baker, there’s nothing like being with family for Christmas. Although things have changed since he’s been back. Regardless, while he’s home he hopes to come up with a marketing plan for his new baking cookbook, being released in a few months. And he won’t mind getting to know the cynical yet witty journalist he met on the plane trip down.

When Jill enlists Andy’s help to get her away from the stress of her mother’s home, he agrees, as long as he can introduce Jill to the joy, generosity, and love of Charity. Could their time together in the town help to not only heal parts of their troubled hearts but give a direction for their future?

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