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The Secret
The Tyler Family Legacy #7


Can love survive secrets?

Finally, Elizabeth Paige’s deepest dream is going to come true. She’s got a little over two months to finish her show’s season, appear at an important benefit, and plan her wedding. If that isn’t enough, her parents visit, bringing her news that shakes her to the core. So, the secret she’s holding in her heart, that should be explained to her groom, will have to wait.

David Tyler is busy with touring when he gets the opportunity of a lifetime—a six-month European tour. He wants to tell Elizabeth about it, but knows it will only upset her. His secret will have to wait.

In Tennessee, Tommy can’t wait any longer. Peterson Hardware must move out of Sevierville or completely go out of business. The problem is Lionel Peterson. His grandfather is adamant about staying put. When Tommy finds the perfect location for the store, he proceeds with the move, without telling Lionel, who’s having trouble with dementia. The secret will have to wait.

But the Bible says “. . . there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” And when secrets are revealed, Elizabeth, David, and Tommy will need the kindness and forgiveness of God to move forward.

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