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Writing Exes
A Castle Clubhouse Romance Novel

Can exes put aside their differences for the opportunity of a lifetime?

Laura Manchester divorced her husband Nick Varela when he betrayed her trust and left. Since that time, she has become a successful screenwriter. When she gets an offer to write a sitcom for Hollywood legend Whitney Alessandro, she jumps at the chance. Until she learns she’ll be working with another writer, her ex-husband Nick.

Nick’s career in New York is in trouble. What he needs is a hit and that’s just what he’ll have with the new sitcom, he’s sure. If only he can convince his ex-wife to work with him.

When Whitney puts a few more requirements on the contract, like attending the couple’s re-marriage ceremony, Laura and Nick are stunned. Whitney wants a family sitcom and since she’d read the two were reuniting, they are perfect for the job.

Now what? Should Nick and Laura endure a marriage of convenience for the time it takes to write a season of shows? Of course, the opportunity gives them both time to explain their side of the divorce and express the deep, unresolved feelings they have. If they don’t kill each other first.

And the mysterious stranger is back, helping these Castle Clubhousealum find their true love. A sweet romance with scripts, sand, and surprises. Don’t miss book seven of the Castle Clubhouse Romance Series. Get your copy today!   


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