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Sleep in Heavenly Peace Inn Three
Book 3 of the popular series.Return to the quaint


Return to the quaint Vermont Bed and Breakfast inn for more Christmas magic with three new couples.

Peter Grey doesn’t know how he’ll get through the first Christmas without his parents. His friend and business partner Mallory Adams brings him to the Sleep in Heavenly Peace Inn, determined to see him through and help with the healing. And if repressed romantic feelings between the two begin to surface, well it’s only because of the beautiful setting of the inn. Besides, she’s got a boyfriend back home and has no business even dreaming about her handsome partner.

Carly O’Brien still cannot believe she won a vacation to the little inn. The cheerful daycare worker from Florida tries all that the New England winter has to offer, enjoying the other guests at the inn, especially Sophia, the quiet little girl from New York. She does not, however, like Sophia’s father, Vincent Capri, whom she has nicknamed “The Grinch.” Vincent has his own agenda with no time for distractions.

Innkeepers Joe and Mary Puletti will have a family Christmas this year. With the arrival of Joe’s sister Julie and Mary’s brother-in-law Tim, it’s a full house. What they don’t know is that Julie and Tim shared a memorable kiss at their wedding. Nor do they know that Tim has given up his profession as police detective. Or that Julie is carrying a secret that will impact the entire family.

The mysterious Inn manager Angela is back, along with Sam and Eldon, and the Puletti’s children Bradley and Christy. Can they help their guests come through the holidays with their own “happily ever after”? And when the Pulettis face their own challenge, the future of the Sleep in Heavenly Peace Inn is put in jeopardy.

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