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Merry Mary (Christmas in Charity Book 3)
by Malinda Martin

Mary Swenson’s vision of a quiet Christmas spent with her father is shattered when she’s made the director of the Charity, Florida Christmas Eve Parade. Then her estranged mother, a successful events planner in New York, shows up with a sexy assistant to help plan the parade.

Trevor Crane isn’t exactly sure why he’s in a small Florida town for the holidays. He only knows that his employer, the spirited Merrilyn Kennedy Swenson, needs him and if he’s going to take over her business one day, he’ll do her bidding. Even if it means ignoring how beautiful her daughter Mary is.

As Mary and Trevor work together on the town’s parade, they come to several conclusions. Mary determines that she can help her parents mend their broken marriage. Trevor realizes that his job may not be as secure as he thought. And both discover the attraction that they feel for each other is inescapable.

All your favorite Charity characters are back to enjoy the season in the charming small town that lives up to its name.

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