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The Calling
Book 3 of The Tyler Family Legacy Series


When the call comes, will they answer?


Mary Tyler has wanted to marry Hank Donahue, the pastor’s son, for years but the man just will not grow up, wanting to spend his evenings with his buddies at a nearby bar. Hank doesn’t know what the big deal is; so he likes to drink, is that a crime? But Mary wants to get married, and as long as she doesn’t mind his unwinding with a beer, he agrees to set the wedding date. Until a night of drinking and partying catches up with Hank and forces them both to make some painful choices.


Dora and Bonnie face the fact that their father is facing early onset dementia and must be supervised. The answer Ed comes up with is a good one but has Dora uneasy about what it will mean for their family, specifically her.


The family’s concern over Davy’s desire for a future in the music world of New York grows as he works toward that goal. His spiritual condition remains a prayer priority for his parents as they try to reach him with the love of Christ.


But only God can change a person, and Hank and the Tylers will in different ways face the calling of God on their lives. The question is will they answer?