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The Midnight Bride
Book 3 of The Midnight Kiss Series


New York cop Charlie Farrell patrols the streets surrounding Times Square, hardly ever thinking back to the New Year’s Eve kiss he shared with a visiting reporter. The kiss that made it on YouTube, that he’s viewed many times since. Although he’d looked for her, tracking her to Ohio, he’s ready to give up the search and just go on with his life.

Katherine Huntington is thrilled to be back in New York working for a local station and near her friend Gabrielle Farrell and cousin Deanna Post, soon to be Farrell. And if she happens to bump into the dreamy policeman who gave her the amazing New Year’s kiss, well, she just doesn’t have time for romance. Although the memory of his kiss still has her knees buckling.

When the two meet again, not only at a mugging but also in the Farrell family home, the chemistry is epic. Unfortunately, Charlie has no intention to succumbing to the family legend that says he’ll marry a woman he shares a New Year’s kiss with. Before the year ends. But Katherine will be hard to avoid since her cousin is marrying his brother. And she’s moving next door to him.

Enjoy the humor as Charlie and Katherine fight their attraction in The Midnight Bride, the third and final book in the Midnight Kiss Sweet Romance Series. If you like clean, wholesome romance with a little Irish folklore thrown in, you’ll love this story from Amazon Bestselling author Malinda Martin.

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