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Tennessee Shuffle
Love in The Hills of Tennessee

A cheerful children’s church leader. An angry, unemployed single dad. They have nothing in common but will working together lead to a love each need?

Although Stacy Angotti enjoys her job at the friendly church in the small town of Ellerton, Tennessee, she can’t deny that she’s lonely. Working with kids is not the best way to advance a social life. She does love the children. Especially the adorable, if mischievous, twin boys that belong to the brooding man with dark hair and sad eyes.

Kevin Malone is at a major crossroads in his life and has returned to his hometown to think things through. Leaving devastating loss behind, he decides a summer with family might help put things in perspective. He doesn’t count on a pretty, uptight church worker getting under his skin.

When Stacy persuades Kevin to help with their Vacation Bible School, an unwanted attraction develops. But the secrets he keeps may drive him away from Ellerton. And Stacy.

Tennessee Shuffle if a humorous and heartwarming sweet romance. If you like clean, wholesome love stories then you’ll love this book from Amazon bestselling author Malinda Martin

Travel to small town Tennessee by picking up your copy today!