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Where There's Smoke
Book Five of The Castle Clubhouse Romance Series

A humorous and heartwarming sweet romance, book four in the Castle Clubhouse Romance Series from Amazon Best Selling Author Malinda Martin.

Former Castle Clubhouse child star Joe Trent has a goal in life—to be the best firefighter paramedic in L.A. County, like his late father. Oh, and to avoid ever giving his heart away. Not a problem until a haunting dream has him searching for a unknown blonde and a strong willed, infuriating nurse begins work at the hospital. Although it seems the nurse’s job is to make his life miserable, there’s an unexplainable attraction that lights him on fire. But what about the beautiful, ethereal blonde from his dream that he cannot forget? In addition, someone is helping former members of the Castle Clubhouse cast to find true love. Could it be his turn?

After a troubled life in Boston, Chris Hamilton has come West for a new life. The job at the hospital seems heaven sent, with the exception of the exasperating, sarcastic, and yes handsome, paramedic she has to deal with on a daily basis. Maybe it’s a good thing that he’s got her having feelings once more—agitation, annoyance, fury. And desires she thought she’d never have again.

But when Joe and Chris are forced into a bet against her annoying brother, they’ll have to work closely together to come out the winners, while at the same time, protecting their hearts. It shouldn’t be a problem unless you believe the old saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

It’s clean, wholesome fun in this love story when these two collide in a comedy of dreams, dares, and Dalmatians.