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Down the Romance Hole
Book Six of The Castle Clubhouse Romance Series

A real life Alice in Wonderland and a pretend knight. What could they have in common?

Quiet bookstore owner Mrs. Allison Bennington is in need of two things—a carpenter to remodel her home and a companion to accompany her to events for the upcoming social season. Enter outgoing, laid-back Dylan Van Dyke. He’s not exactly what she was looking for regarding either position but he could possibly be the answer to her problems.

Dylan is an actor slash carpenter who seems to be getting no where in either profession. If he can snag both gigs for the confusing yet intriguing Allison Bennington, he may have a shot at accomplishing the goals he has in mind. If he can avoid getting tangled up in her haunting blue eyes and mysterious ways.

When he seeks to know the answers behind the woman, he’s catapulted into the world of the rich and snobbish, a world that’s holding Allison back from truly living. Something the white knight in him cannot see happening.

It’s a highly unlikely match that will have each searching the deepest recesses of their hearts to determine what they really want in life. But are they brave enough to go for it? A sweet romance with Alice, the Queen of Hearts, and the White Knight. Book six in the Castle Clubhouse Series.