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The Midnight Dance
Book Two of The Midnight Kiss Series


They’ve been friends since childhood. This past New Year’s they shared an amazing kiss. Could his family’s Irish legend be true and she is his true love?

Anthony Farrell has always liked friend and neighbor Deanna Post. Even after their kiss on New Year’s, he recommends her for a job on his HGTV show. Or maybe because of it.

Deanna is thrilled to be working near Anthony, whom she’s loved since childhood. But they’re buddies, both talented and competent in their fields so working near each other shouldn’t be a problem. Although she can’t stop thinking about that kiss.

Disturbed by his growing feelings for Deanna and the insanity of the Farrell family legend, Anthony decides to get rid of both problems by finding her a boyfriend. But when she’s promoted on the show, it means they’ll be together constantly, working side-by-side. Can he resist the lure of the legend? And whether it’s fate or coincidence, will friendship blossom into true love?

The Midnight Dance is the second book in The Midnight Kiss sweet romance series. If you like clean, wholesome romance with a little Irish folklore thrown in you’ll love this story from Amazon Bestselling author Malinda Martin.

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