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The Best Laid Plans



Popular singer Matthew Mackenzie had his life all mapped out and was enjoying every moment of it. Successful, single, rich, powerful, he was in control of everything and everyone. Except for Jennifer Van Dyke, his co-star from the classic children’s show Castle Clubhouse. Now he needs her for a project and she seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. But nothing is going to stop him from finding her and helping her, no matter what’s going on in her life.


There are worse things in life than to be hiding out in Queens, New York, working three jobs to make ends meet. Even though she’d been the darling of Broadway, her new life, though exhausting, has plenty of perks. Two, in particular, and they both have Matthew Mackenzie’s bright blue eyes.


When Matt discovers the truth about Jennifer’s life, he decides to stick around for a while and help. But will this revelation cause a permanent shift in his plans? Will he discover that sometimes fate has even better ones?


Humorous and heartwarming, The Best Laid Plans, formerly titled A Change Of Plans, is a clean and wholesome sweet romance from the Castle Clubhouse Romance Series.