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All's Fair In Love And Fame

Is true love possible after fame and success?

From Amazon bestselling author Malinda Martin comes

The Castle Clubhouse Series.


Donovan Baxter leads a charmed life.  An actor from the old children’s show Castle Clubhouse, Donovan has become a major motion picture star as well as a powerful Hollywood mogul. His current project has him portraying a family man in a new movie. All he needs is a grounded mother figure that can teach him what family is all about. And who could be better than the woman recently dubbed “America’s Favorite Mom.” He’ll just ignore his attraction to the kind, warm, and beautiful woman.


Widowed Cassie Brown is trying to build a new life for herself and her children. She hadn’t planned on becoming a celebrity after her fluke appearance in a napkin commercial. Now she’s in Hollywood working on a movie with the “Hottest Man Alive,” Donovan Baxter. If that isn’t hard enough, the feelings she’s developing for Donovan are anything but motherly.


Thrown together in the world of Hollywood, neither can deny their growing attraction. When they agree to a ludicrous plan to satisfy them both, they’re unprepared for the consequences that will impact her children, his career, the country, not to mention their hearts. And as Cassie deals with her increasing guilt, Donovan deals with a past that continues to torment him.


A sweet, wholesome romance, first published as The Movie Star And The Mom, this story will have you believing in the power of love before the director can yell “Cut!”