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Christmas Grace (Christmas in Charity Book 1)
by Malinda Martin

It’s the most wonderful time of year for everyone in the small town of Charity, Florida. Everyone, that is except for Grace Hudson. Grace associates Christmas with bad memories and is determined to be immune from the cheerful holiday. All she really wants is to sell the diner that she inherited and move north to the glorious anonymity of New York City. Stuart “Mac” McCrae loves Christmas! As an award-winning photographer he just needs to get that one perfect picture before heading south for the holidays. The only thing holding him back is the small, undecorated diner that sits in the middle of the beautiful main street of Charity. Determined to get that picture, Mac sets out on a quest to reintroduce Grace to the beloved holiday, unknowingly bringing her face to face with the pain of a long ago Christmas. Can Mac help Grace let go of the past and again embrace Christmas before his deadline to get the perfect picture passes?

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