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Sleep In Heavenly Peace Inn Two

What is your Christmas wish?


Return to the Sleep In Heavenly Peace Inn and watch as three couples discover their real wish may be a little different from what they imagined.


Tricia Matthews wants a child. Darren Matthews wants a happy wife. Maybe with some time at the charming, romantic inn, they'll both have what they want.


Natasha didn't wish to perform with arrogant Franklin Murray in a tiny town for the holidays, nor did Franklin wish to be paired with the ice queen, violinist Natasha Safina. Can they endure the holidays without killing each other?


Social worker Stephanie Singer didn't plan to be stranded at the inn with a young child and a kind, adorable orphanage staffer. Her wish is to find the little girl a home and continue helping abused children. Meanwhile, Tyler Buchanan is wishing he could hide his attraction to the pretty social worker a little better. And not wreak havoc on the inn as he bumbles his way around her.


Mary, Joe, and Bradley are back, as is the enigmatic inn manager Angela, ready to show again that Christmas is a time for healing, hope, and most of all love.