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Tennessee Waltz
by Malinda Martin

A hardened sheriff. A frightened widow.
From the Amazon bestselling author of
Sleep in Heavenly Peace Inn.


Travel to small town Tennessee for a humorous and heartwarming sweet romance.

Ben Malone is the sheriff of the small county of his childhood. Not his original plan for his life, but he’s adapted. When a storm blows in, bringing a young mother and her two children, he’s determined to protect them. Because it’s his job. Just because the woman has beautiful wheat-colored hair and haunting blue eyes, it doesn’t mean he’s going to get involved. No, the sooner he can get her and her kids moving out of town the better. Because he’s learned his lesson about pretty women.

Ellie Kent must make a new life for her and her children. She’s on the road to a distant relative, hoping for a fresh start. But the little town of Ellerton has been so kind, especially the sheriff’s mother. It’s tempting to stop running and settle. But if she does, she could bring trouble to the area.

When opportunities for work in the town present themselves, Ellie seriously considers staying. But the sheriff doesn’t like her. And if he ever found out her past, he’d surely chase her out of town.

Can both Ben and Ellie work through deep wounds to at least forge a friendship? And when outside forces search for Ellie, secrets come to light that could injure the whole town.