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The Heart of Me (Beaumont & Friends Book 1)
by Malinda Martin

Jane Kendall has her big chance. She’s been assigned to develop the marketing campaign for “CARL” the new robot computer toy that’s going to take the world by storm. Everything is going great!

. . . until she sees the president of the toy company which also happens to be her first love and the boy that broke her heart.

Jason Collins has worked hard for years for just this moment—the introduction of his brainchild, “CARL.” The last thing he needs is the distraction of his high school sweetheart suddenly back in his life working with him. Working closely with him.

Now as the two work together for the company’s promotional campaign, they discover shocking news, the results of a long ago night of fun. As more secrets from their past start to surface so does a burning passion that was never quite extinguished.

As Jane and Jason work hard to fulfill their dreams, perhaps “CARL” can help them see what their deepest dreams really are.

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