Meet Malinda

Malinda Martin has always adored love stories. As a child, she enjoyed creating stories with her friends—stories of couples meeting, falling in love, getting married, and having babies, all in an afternoon of play.

(M.M.—We were kids, we only had until dinnertime.)

 After settling down with Biff, the love of her life, and becoming a stay-at-home mother to their five children (M.M.—Yes, five. We didn’t have a television to occupy our time smiley ), she continued writing but concentrated on her experiences as a mother.

Then she came across a Debbie Macomber book and was forever hooked on romantic fiction. The genre gripped her and encouraged her to write all the stories she’d imagined as a young girl. Since publishing on Amazon, she has had three stories hit the Amazon bestsellers list—Christmas Grace, Comfort and Joy, and the hugely successful Sleep In Heavenly Peace Inn.  

Her style is humorous and heartwarming sweet romance–no erotica here. Only clean, wholesome stories about interesting heroines and dashing heroes working through the conflicts of life, to pull off the biggest adventure there is—falling in love.

Malinda lives in Celebration, Florida, a small town located ten minutes from the gates of Walt Disney World. When she’s not writing, she’s searching for inspiration at one of the Disney parks, curled up with a good romance to read, or sneaking chocolate chip cookies and planning to one day give up chocolate. 

(M.M.—Ah, probably not going to happen.)  

You can contact Malinda at:

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