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The Write One (A Castle Clubhouse Romance Book 3)
by Malinda Martin

Romance writer Victoria Adams is having trouble writing the hero of her new book. But on a cross-country flight, she finds the perfect role model sitting next to her. Little does she know that the man is television star Samuel Delaney or that their brief encounter will change the course of her career. Or that she will lose her heart in the process.
Samuel Delaney loves living the Hollywood lifestyle. Until he meets the shy, pretty writer sitting next to him. All of a sudden his life seems shallow and unfulfilling in comparison to talking with Tori. He wants to see her again and must come up with a plan so they can get to know each other.

But can their very different worlds ever come together? Can the ending to their story be as satisfying as Tori’s books? Maybe so. Especially if Sam is The Write One.

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